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Repository Pattern

Use the Repository pattern to achieve one or more of the following objectives:
  • You want to maximize the amount of code that can be tested with automation and to isolate the data * layer to support unit testing.
  • You access the data source from many locations and want to apply centrally managed, consistent access rules and logic.
  • You want to implement and centralize a caching strategy for the data source.
  • You want to improve the code's maintainability and readability by separating business logic from data or service access logic.
  • You want to use business entities that are strongly typed so that you can identify problems at compile time instead of at run time.
  • You want to associate a behavior with the related data. For example, you want to calculate fields or enforce complex relationships or business rules between the data elements within an entity.
  • You want to apply a domain model to simplify complex business logic.

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